The CULTURE at SimmonsCooper Partners (SCP) is characterised by certain strong underlying qualities – resourcefulness, creativity, provision of high-quality services and mutual involvement. A focus on quality, openness and INNOVATION are the basis of a charged and inspiring “culture of EXCELLENCE “. This CULTURE stimulates the search for pragmatic solutions to complex legal problems.

The firm is conceived from the principles of ethics, change, productivity and effectiveness. Our core values are integrity and sincere affiliation. A major feature of our SERVICE delivery is a focus on team and individual resourcefulness.

SCP boasts of having the very best of talents in the legal industry with expertise spanning a range of competencies and solid qualitative and professional delivery of services.

Our skilled, talented and well credentialed lawyers represent a wide range of expertise, experience and backgrounds in the jurisdictions they practice. Some of our lawyers have been in government and industry and have successfully ENGAGED in multi-jurisdictional practices and transactions. A number of the members of the firm have been recognised and honored for their excellence and contributions in their areas of practice by both clients and other organizations.

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