SCAD 2018 Top Ten Finalist Emerge

Simmonscooper Partners Staff Participate’s in Power Purchase Workshop in Dubai
August 15, 2018

SimmonsCooper Partners is delighted to announce the SCAD 2018 top ten (10) finalists of the Brief Writing Competition Stage. The Brief Writing Competition Stage was highly competitive with hundreds of impressive entries. After a rigorous and multiple-level review of submissions, here are our finalists who will be moving on to the Oral Advocacy stage, which will take place at the Lagoon Restaurant on November 3, 2018. Congratulations to the finalists!!!

  1. Aganin Ucheawaji Ntieno-Owor
  2. Agbontafara Olamide Mariam
  3. Ikusika Bamidele
  4. Olaitan John Ojelabi
  5. Olalere Yusuf Asamu
  6. Olawepo Samuel Olajide
  7. Omoyajowo Kolawole Ayodeji
  8. Ordam Msughter Paul
  9. Oyarinde Israel
  10. Ujam Emmanuella Ngozichukwu
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