Public Finance & Infrastructure

At SCP, we bring diverse skills and experience to help achieve your financing goals. We represent financial institutions, government and corporate bodies as well as other key players throughout Africa’s government debt market, equity market, project financing, public & private partnerships, foreign Direct Investments among others.
We have over a 12 year proven track record of providing superior legal representation for issuance of public securities and public project financing. SCP public finance practice have advised on various governmental and public projects including schools, toll roads, road projects, airport, power, gas, ppp projects, Build Operate Transfer (BOTs), Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPCs) etc.

Compliance and Company Secretarial Services

SCP Compliance and Company Secretarial practice offer a comprehensive compliance requirements and fillings of all relevant statutory returns and notifications. We understand the importance of legal compliance for companies across different sectors and industries. we are committed to providing tailored secretarial services and compliance reviews to ensure corporate fillings and records are up to date. We connect our experiences to meet your secretarial needs and help you protect your company.

Labour Dispute

At SCP, we are conscious of the daily issues arising from Labour matters. Issues ranging from employment, termination, severance and pension. We are committed in helping our clients sail the murky process of resolving every possible dispute. With a combination of expertise, cutting-edge technique and a grasp knowledge of all enabling regulations/statutes we are confident of meeting our Clients objectives and expectations.
The firm has grown its stellar experience and reputation having represented clients from the telecommunication industry, leading financial institution, public and private sector bodies.


With a growing number of businesses globally we are consistently poised to identify and advise our Clients on the full gamut of employment, incentives, work policies and privacies, pension and compensation.Our Clients have stuck with us over the years as a result of our proven track record and ability decipher employment issues irrespective of the complexities associated with it. We are committed to providing the very best and robust services at all times.


With vast experience in the petroleum and power sector, SCP has remained relevant in providing optimal services that meet the global energy demand. With a multiplicity of clients both multinational and indigenous we have advised in matters ranging from power supply, provision of advisory for the development of power facilities and financing of power project. As a proactive team, we are mindful of possible conflict that may arise in the course of a transaction and readily proffer and provide advice and eventual dispute resolution representation.

Competition and antitrust

Our antitrust and competition practice prevail in high risk antitrust matters. We provide legal representation and advisory in all antitrust litigation and manage antitrust and competition law risks and challenges with innovative solutions. Our experienced team provide consultation and advisory services as well as recommendations on foreign to foreign mergers, competition laws, anti-competitive pricing, antitrust regime, hearing procedures and complaints handling mechanisms across the continent. With the constant evolution of antitrust and competition laws all over the world, we ensure a pro-active approach to all antitrust and competition services.