Bashir Ramoni Becomes a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN)
December 11, 2017
Ehinon Eigbe
January 9, 2018

Dapo Akinosun, a Partner at SimmonsCooper Partners (SCP), was a panelist at the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Conference organised by the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG) and held at Lagos Oriental Hotel on November 2, 2017. The theme of the Conference was 59 Years of Litigation in Nigeria: Business Demands and Future of the Courts.

At one of the panel sessions with a focus on the ‘Promise of Online Dispute Resolution on Labour & Commercial Disputes,’Mr. Akinosun presented a paper identifying the opportunities and benefits of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for conflicts resolution in today’s world, particularly its cost effectiveness. He was optimistic about Nigeria’s ability to overcome certain challenges andresistance to ODR.

In the course of panel discussions, Mr. Akinosun emphasised the pivotal role of the court in encouraging the development of ODR in Nigeria. He commended the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division for the introduction of transmission of hearing notices and some other processes to counsel through electronic mail. Althoughthe judicial endorsement of online transmission of processes do not describe andleaves much to be desired for ODR in Nigeria, he recognised the endorsement as a step in the right direction.

Mr. Akinosun also expressed SCP’s firm commitment towards the development and use of ODR and other ADR mechanisms that simplifies and makes dispute resolution more cost effective.

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